List of mbbs colleges and seats in india 2024

A total of 612 medical colleges are offering 1,06,333 MBBS seats, according to the National Medical Commission (NMC). Of these, 322 are government medical colleges with 48,012 seats, and 290 are private institutes with 43,915 seats.

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha was informed by Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya that there are currently 612 medical colleges operating in India, with a total intake capacity of 91,927 MBBS seats.

The total number of MBBS seats in 54 institutes has increased significantly from 83,275 in 558 medical colleges last year.

During a recent question hour in Lok Sabha, the Health Minister was asked to provide information on the number of MBBS seats allotted to government and private medical colleges in the country, as well as the institutes established in the last five years. Dr. Heena Gavit and Dr. Shrikant Eknath Shinde also wanted to know if seats in existing medical colleges in various states were going to be increased, and what steps the government was planning to take to meet the country’s doctor shortage.

In response to the questions, the Minister gave a detailed data presentation to the parliament that included the total number of MBBS seats in Government and Private medical colleges currently operating in the nation. The number of MBBS and PG medical seats approved under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Up-gradation of Existing Government Medical Colleges was also disclosed.

These details are revealed a few days later. For lakhs of applicants seeking MBBS admissions and hoping to be the future of the medical profession, NEET 2022 was held in 3570 exam centres in 497 Indian cities and 14 cities outside of India. The detailed breakdown of MBBS seats is summarised below for the convenience of all interested applicants and stakeholders.

MBBS Seats in India

According to the National Medical Commission, there are 91,927 MBBS seats available in 612 Medical Colleges, with 322 Government Medical Colleges (GMCs) offering 48,012 seats and 290 Private Institutes offering 43,915 seats.

According to the data, Tamil Nadu currently has the most MBBS seats available, with a total of 10,725 seats open for applicants seeking admission to 70 medical colleges. Karnataka comes in second with 10,145 seats across 63 medical schools. 62 institutions in the state of Maharashtra have a total of 9,895 MBBS seats, while 67 medical schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh have a total of 9,053 seats.

Gujarat is next on the list, with 5,700 MBBS seats, followed by Andhra Pradesh with 5,335 and Kerala with 4,225 MBBS seats in each of the three states’ 31 medical colleges. Telangana boasts 34 medical institutes, with 5,040 MBBS seats available for admission this year, and more are on the way.

West Bengal follows with 4,225 MBBS seats in 27 medical institutions. Madhya Pradesh has 25 institutes with 4,080 seats, and Rajasthan has 26 colleges with 4,005 MBBS seats.

The list narrows to Bihar, which has 20 medical colleges and 2,415 MBBS seats, Odisha, which has 13 medical colleges and 2,125 seats, Punjab, which has 12 medical colleges and 1,750 MBBS seats, and Puducherry, which has 9 medical institutions and 1,630 seats.

Chhattisgarh has only 1,565 MBBS seats despite having 12 medical colleges, the same number as Punjab and Haryana. 10 institutions in Delhi have 1,497 MBBS seats. While Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh each have 8 institutions with 1150 and 920 MBBS seats, Assam and Jharlchand each have 9 medical colleges with 1150 and 930 seats.

Manipur has 375 MBBS seats in 3 institutes while Tripura has 225 MBBS seats in 2 medical colleges.

Goa, with 180 MBBS seats, Chandigarh, with 150, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, with 150, Sikkim, with 150, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with 100, Mizoram, with 100, and Arunachal Pradesh, with 50 MBBS seats each, are stated to have one medical college each.

The country’s government and private NOBS colleges, including AIIMS and JIPMER, are listed by State/UT:

S.No.Name of the State/ UTGovernment CollegesGovernment SeatsPrivate CollegesPrivate SeatsTotal CollegesTotal
1Andaman & Nicobar Islands1100001100
2Andhra Pradesh132435IS2850315335
3Arunachal Pradesh15000150
SDadra & Nagar Haveli1150001150
13Himachal Pradesh777011508920
14Jammu & Kashmir910471100101147
18Madhya Pradesh142180111900254080
28Tamil Nadu3852253255007010725
31Uttar Pradesh354303324750679053
33West Bengal20322571000274225

Government and private colleges that have opened across the nation over the past five years:

This information indicates that there are now 612 medical colleges overall, up from 480 during the previous academic year (2017–2018).

YearGovernment CollegesMBBS SeatsPrivate CollegesMBBS SeatsTotal No. of CollegesTotal No. of Seats

Increased MBBS seats in India allowed under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Upgrading of Existing Government Medical Colleges: 

The Minister also informed the Parliament that, in order to enhance the number of MBBS seats in the nation, 3495 seats have been approved under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Upgradation of Existing Government Medical Colleges.

S. No.State/UTNumber of MBBS seats approved
1Andhra Pradesh150
3Himachal Pradesh20
4Jammu and Kashmir60
7Madhya Pradesh600
13Tamil Nadu345
14Uttar Pradesh50
16West Bengal100

Seats granted under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme for “Strengthening and Upgrading of Government Medical Colleges for Starting New Postgraduate Disciplines and Increasing Postgraduate Seats”

In two phases, 5930 seats (4058 PG medical seats in Phase I and 1872 seats in Phase II) have been sanctioned in 22 States/UTs under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) for ‘Strengthening and up-gradation of State Government medical colleges for beginning new PG disciplines and expanding PG seats’.

Phase I

S. NoState/UPNumber of PG seats approved
2Andhra Pradesh410
SHimachal Pradesh17
9Jammu & Kashmir127
12Madhya Pradesh203
20Uttar Pradesh265
21West Bengal466

Phase II

S. No.StateNumber of PG seats approved
5Madhya Pradesh646

According to the Minister, around 1000 postgraduate seats have been made available under the Central Sector Scheme for “Upgradation of Government Medical College through Construction of Super Specialty Blocks.”

Dr Mandaviya also discussed the different efforts that the government has made to boost the availability of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Seats: – 

i. Centrally Sponsored Scheme for the Establishment of New Medical Colleges through the Upgrade of District Referral Hospitals, under which 157 new medical colleges have been approved and 72 are operational.

ii. Centrally Sponsored Scheme to improve and upgrade existing State Government/Central Government Medical Colleges in order to boost MBBS and PG seats.

iii. Central Sector Scheme for “Upgrading Government Medical College through the Construction of Super Specialty Blocks” A total of 75 projects have been approved.

iv. 22 AIIMS have received approval under the Central Sector Scheme for the establishment of new AIIMS. 19 AIIMS have begun offering undergraduate programmes.

v. Relaxation of the requirements for faculty, staff, bed capacity, and other infrastructure when setting up a medical college.

vi. The DNB certification has been accepted for faculty appointments to address the faculty shortage.

vii. Raising the retirement age to 70 years for appointment/re-employment as teachers, deans, principals, and directors in medical colleges.

NEET 2022: According to the government, there are about 91000 MBBS seats in the country; however, it is unclear how many seats there in each state.

The national government has issued the most recent information on available MBBS seats in the country. According to the government, there are 91927 MBBS seats available at the country’s government and private medical colleges.

While waiting for the results of the NEET medical entrance exam, the government has issued the most recent information on MBBS seats available in the country. According to the government, there are 91927 MBBS places available at the country’s government and private medical colleges. According to the government, there were only 51348 seats in 2014. This figure has risen by 79% to 91,927. There are 48012 seats in government medical colleges and 43915 spots in private medical colleges. Aside from that, NEET PG seats have expanded by 93 % since 2014. NEET PG seats have expanded from 31,185 in 2014 to 60,202 nowadays. The government has also provided state-specific information on medical seats.

State wise MBBS seats

Uttar Pradesh  9,053
Uttarakhand  1,150
Chhattisgarh  1,565
Delhi  1,497
Gujarat  5,700
Haryana  1,660
Himachal Pradesh  920
Jammu and Kashmir  1,147
Jharkhand  930
Karnataka  10,145
Madhya Pradesh  4,080
Punjab 1,750
Rajasthan 4,005
West Bengal 4,225

NEET: MBBS and PG seats in medical colleges will not be left unfilled as the government implements a new approach.

According to the report, Tamil Nadu has the most seats with 10725. It is followed by 10145 MBBS seats in Karnataka and 9895 MBBS seats in Maharashtra. Uttar Pradesh has a total of 9053 seats.

NEET 2022 exam was held across the country on July 17, 2022. Around 17 lakh students are eagerly awaiting the answer key and results. Following the announcement of the results, the counseling procedure for the country’s 91,927 available medical seats will begin.

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