NMC Introduces New Rules for FMGE, Limits Attempts to 3 Years and 6 Attempts

The number of attempts allowed for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) has recently been revealed by the National Medical Commission (NMC). In place of the prior unlimited attempts, students will now have a cap of six attempts to qualify for the exam. This year’s FMGE exam is planned on January 20, 2024.

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Quick Facts About New Rules for FMGE:

Changes in FMGE AttemptsNational Medical Commission (NMC) has limited the number of attempts for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) to a maximum of 6 attempts.
FMGE Exam ScheduleThe FMGE exam for this year is scheduled for January 20, 2024.
Eligibility CriteriaForeign medical graduates must qualify for FMGE to practice in India. However, students from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand are exempt.
New Timeframe for FMGEForeign medical students must complete MBBS, including up to 10 years of internship, within 3 years to be eligible for FMGE.
Clarification on InternshipAmbiguity exists regarding whether the 10 years of internship refer to India or abroad. If post-return to India, students have only 2 years and 4 attempts after course completion.
Minimum Requirement for FMGEStudents need a minimum of 50% to qualify for FMGE, with no cutoff score below this percentage. A score of 49.5% leads to disqualification.
Challenges Post-ExamLack of answer key release and objection submission opportunities make FMGE challenging. Results are directly declared through a merit list.
Uncertainty Surrounding NEXTDr. Vivek Pandey notes that the government is considering implementing the National Exit Test (NEXT) in place of FMGE, but details and timelines remain unclear.

NMC Makes Significant Changes to FMGE Rules:

Students pursuing foreign medical degrees now have a maximum of six attempts to qualify for the FMGE exam. Previously, there were an unlimited number of attempts available. The FMGE test, also known as the MCI Screening Test, is given twice a year to foreign medical graduates who want to practice in India.

FMGE Eligibility Criteria:

Foreign medical graduates, whether they finished their MBBS abroad or are nationals of another country, must qualify for the FMGE in order to practice in India. Students who completed their MBBS in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, on the other hand, are exempt from this requirement.

New FMGE Eligibility Timeline:

According to the new NMC requirements, foreign medical students must complete their MBBS course, including up to ten years of internship, within three years. Completing a 6-year MBBS program and a 1-year internship abroad typically takes 7 years.

Clarification on Internship Duration:

The term “internship” in the NMC ruling is unclear because it does not indicate whether it applies to internships conducted in India or overseas. According to education analyst Atul Bapna, if the internship is considered after students return to India, they will only have two years and four attempts to qualify for the exam after completing their course.

FMGE Minimum Requirement:

To qualify for the FMGE, students must obtain at least 50%. The FMGE threshold score does not fall below 50%, and a score of 49.5% results in disqualification.

Challenges and Lack of Clarity:

Students confront difficulty after the exam because answer keys and objection submission possibilities are not supplied. The results are directly announced via a merit list, making it more difficult to pass FMGE.

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