New NMC Guidelines for Jharkhand Medical Students, Grace Marks Out, Focus on Holistic Education

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Ranchi, Jharkhand (April 3, 2024): A significant change is coming for MBBS students in Jharkhand. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued new guidelines that will be implemented by Ranchi University, impacting medical education in the state. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • No More Grace Marks: The practice of awarding grace marks (up to 5 marks) to MBBS students to pass exams is being discontinued. This 40-year-old practice will no longer be offered.
  • Focus on Competency: The NMC guidelines emphasize competency-based medical education. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through regular examinations and supplementary exams.
  • Curriculum Revamp: The MBBS curriculum is undergoing a revamp. Key changes include:
    • Foundation Courses: Subjects like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and communication skills will be incorporated as foundation courses.
    • Subject Duration: Subjects like Surgery, Medicine, and Gynecology in the final year will be extended to 18 months.
    • Increased Coursework: First-year students will have a more intensive curriculum with 1521 hours of study (39 weeks).
    • Elective and Research: An additional month will be allotted for elective and research subjects.
    • Community Engagement: A unique aspect is the requirement for students to adopt three families for three years, monitoring their health and well-being.
    • Holistic Development: The curriculum will encourage participation in sports and yoga for well-rounded development.
  • Standardized Examinations: Internal and external examiners will be selected from university-approved lists, ensuring fairness and consistency in evaluation. Rotation of examiners will also be implemented.pen_spark

Overall Impact:

These new guidelines aim to equip future doctors with a strong foundation in medical knowledge, practical skills, and a holistic approach to patient care. While the removal of grace marks might seem like a challenge, it’s expected to encourage deeper understanding and better preparation among students. The focus on community engagement and communication skills will likely prepare graduates to excel in real-world medical practice.

Sources: Prabhat Khabar, Ranchi, Jharkhand (April 3, 2024)

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