Karnataka NEET Total 3087 seats available for NEET PG and NEET MDS counseling

The seat allocation for the PG Medical and PG Dental programmes for the academic year 2022–2023 was released by the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA).

The combined number of seats available for PG Medical and PG Dental admissions is 3087. There are 2146 seats at PG Medical. and 941 seats are reserved for PG Dental.

The seat matrix for the following quotas has been released:

1. Medical – GQ – In-service Seats 

2. Medical – NRI and other quotas

3. Medical – Private quota 

4. Medical – GQ – PWD seats 

5. Medical – GQ 

6. Dental – NRI and other quotas 

7. Dental – Private quota 

8. Dental – GQ – PWD seats 

9. Dental – GQ 

Seat Matrix Data: 

Medical – GQ – In-service Seats : 206 seats

MI) Anatomy8
MD Physiology5
MI) Biochemistry6
MD Pharmacology6
MD Pathology13
MD Microbiology6
MID Community Medicine7
MD Forensic Medicine5
MD Dermatology5
MD Radio Therapy2
MD Paediatrics14
MD General Medicine21
MD Radio Diagnosis8
NED Psychiatry5
MD Respiratory Medicine3
Is/ED Hospital Administration1
MD Emergency Medicine1
MS Ophthalmology11
MS Orthopedics15
MD Anaesthesia21
MS General Surgery-18
MS Obstetrics and Gynecology16

Medical – NRI and other quotas – 594 seats

MD Anatomy13
MD Physiology9
MD Biochemistry11
MID Pharmacology11
MD Pathology32
MD Microbiology7
MD Community Medicine15
MD Forensic Medicine3
MD Dermatology43
MD Radio Therapy4
MD Paediatrics62
MD General Medicine84
MID Radio Diagnosis59
MD Psychiatry8
MD Respiratory- Medicine6
MD Hospital Administration2
MD Emergency Medicine2
MS Ophthalmology21
MS Orthopedics44
MD Anaesthesia32
MS General Surgery-48
MS Obstetrics and Gynecology69

Medical – Private quota — 1188 seats

MD Anatomy34
MD Physiology35
MD Biochemistry37
MD Pharmacology42
MD Pathology72
MD Microbiology39
MD Community Medicine39
MD Forensic Medicine20
MD Dermatology40
MD Radio Therapy11
MD Paediatrics81
MD General Medicine123
MD Radio Diagnosis57
MD Psychiatry35
MD Respiratory Medicine20
MD Hospital Administration3
MD Emergency Medicine15
MD Family Medicine3
MS Ophthalmology50
MS Orthopedics77
MD Anaesthesia131
MS General Surgery102
MS Obstetrics and Gynecology72
/OD Physical and Rehabilitation2
/OD Transfusion Medicine1
Diploma in Child Health1
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis1
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis1

Medical – GQ — PWD seats — 41 seats

MD Anatomy2
MD Physiology2
MD Biochemistry2
MD Pharmacology2
MD Pathology5
MD Microbiology2
MD Community Medicine3
MD Forensic Medicine1
MD Dermatology2
MD Radio Therapy1
MD Paediatrics5
MD General Medicine7
MD Radio Diagnosis4
ND Psychiatry1
MD Respiratory Medicine1
MD Hospital Administration1
Diploma in Child Health
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis

Medical – GQ — 1187 seats

MD Anatomy32
MD Physiology35
MD Biochemistry29
MD Pharmacology42
MD Pathology72
MD Microbiology44
MD Community Medicine44
MD Forensic Medicine24
MD Dermatology31
MD Radio Therapy10
MD Paediatrics92
MID General Medicine111
MD Radio Diagnosis53
MD Psychiatry25
MD Respiratory Medicine20
MD Hospital Administration2
MD Emergency Medicine10
MS Ophthalmology61
MS Orthopedics78
MD Anaesthesia122
MS General Surgery102
MS Obstetrics and Gynecology91
NO Inununo Haemotologv1
Diploma in Child Health1
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis1
Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis2
MD Geritrics1
Palliative Medicine1

Dental – NRI and other quotas — 224 seats

MDS Oral Surgery23
MDS Oral Medicine21
MDS Periodontics32
MDS Orthodontics33
MDS. Paedodontics21
MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics29
MDS Prosthodontics32
MDS Oral Pathology19
MDS Public Health Dentistry14

Dental — Private quota — 430 seats

MDS Oral Surgery53
MDS Oral Medicine34
MDS Periodontics53
MDS Orthodontics59
MDS Paedodontics46
MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics62
MDS Prosthodontics58
MDS Oral Pathology33
MDS Public Health Dentistry25
Diploma in Orthodontics3
Diploma in Paedodontics1
Diploma in Conservative Dentistry1
Diploma in Prosthodontics2

Dental — GQ — FWD seats — 14 seats

MDS Oral Surgery2
MDS Oral Medicine1
MDS Periodontics2
MDS Orthodontics2
MIDS. Paedodontics1
MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics3
MDS Prosthodontics2
MDS Oral Pathology1

Dental — GQ — 273 seats

MDS Oral Surgery32
MDS Oral Medicine22
MDS Periodontics34
NEDS Orthodontics43
MDS. Paedodontics26
MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics43
MDS Prosthodontics37
MDS Oral Pathology17
MDS Public Health Dentistry17
Diploma in Orthodontics1
Diploma in Conservative Dentistry1
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