It will now take longer to become a dentist, and there will be 6 major changes in BDS!

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course will now have a credit-based system, according to the draft regulation. Undergraduate dental education will undergo significant change. In fact, similar to MBBS, candidates pursuing dental education will now be required to complete a one-year internship and semester system.

Dr. Anil Kumar Chandana, a member of the Executive Committee of the Dental Council of India, prepared the new BDS rules, has provided additional information about the course changes.

“The proposed changes in the undergraduate dental curriculum will completely change the way the course is taught and try to make it at par with the international standard,” said Dr. Anil Kumar Chandana. Various provisions, such as a credit-based system, will allow for international student exchange in the future. He stated that the process of change has already begun.

The draft regulation has been distributed to the states as well as the National Dental College. Significant changes can be seen in this draught regulation brought about by the BDS course.

What are the major changes that will occur in the BDS course?

According to the draft regulation, the BDS course will take 5.6 years to complete. This course is currently completed in 4.6 years.

Currently, BDS students are not required to complete an internship. However, they are now required to complete a one-year internship.

The draft also proposes that the current annual system be replaced with a semester system, which will include medical training in nine semesters.

The new curriculum proposes a capability-based approach with the goal of tracking the outcome of medical training.

Credits will also be awarded for each course, as well as choice-based credits, allowing students to select a few elective subjects. Credit transfer between colleges will also be possible under the new system.

The course will be divided into core subjects that students must study. Aside from that, there will be elective subjects in the course that the student will select. Foundation courses will also be offered. According to the draft, there will be two kinds of foundation courses. This will include both the mandatory and elective foundation courses.

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